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12 Dec 2017

In today's video, I explain how to use a Virtual MIDI Cable to connect Sibelius 7 notation software to a DAW, in order to expand on my Playback Enhancement Template ("PET") Orchestra and improve the quality of my playback in Sibelius.

2 Dec 2017

Have you ever looked at your favourite scores just to see what aesthetic changes you can make to your own compositions to make them look nicer?  I mean, the way you’ve written your piece is perfectly acceptable, but you’d like to make your score look a little less... c...

7 Jun 2013

Users of the popular EWQLSO Gold (PLAY Edition) can now use EWQLSO Gold with Elliot Wright's EWQLSO / Sibelius Manual Sound Set Templates.

Composer and Gold user Brian LaGuardia ( ) has produced a set of Gold-compatible multis whi...

10 Mar 2013

Hello again everyone!  Good news - I'm still alive, and working.

Today, I'm happy to announce that a conversion guide for EWQLSO Gold users is now available to help Gold users to load and use their library's sounds when working with my EWQLSO-Sibelius Manual Sound Set T...

13 Jan 2013

In autumn 2008, I was presented with a problem which I’m sure you’ve come across yourself: I encountered a situation in which I needed to create a “realistic” audio mock-up of some of my existing scores, but found Sibelius Sounds to be too unrealistic to achieve this....

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How to Connect Sibelius 7 to your DAW using Virtual MIDI Cables

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