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EWQLSO Gold Conversion Table now Available for Sibelius 7 Manual Sound Set Tempalates

Hello again everyone! Good news - I'm still alive, and working.

Today, I'm happy to announce that a conversion guide for EWQLSO Gold users is now available to help Gold users to load and use their library's sounds when working with my EWQLSO-Sibelius Manual Sound Set Templates.

The guide itself is fairly simple. The first section contains instructions on how to use the guide. The second section lists which patches to load into each channel of each instance of PLAY, along with a brief note on any modifications to make to the given patch. The third section tells users which key-switches to assign to which pitches, in order to line the key-switches up with the KSW-Staff model used in the template.

And it's just that simple! Finally, Gold Users have an interim conversion guide which they can use to set up their manual sound set for use with the template system. Thank you all for your patience while I got the tables ready. Enjoy!

The Conversion Guide can be found as a free download on the 'Elliot Wright EWQLSO-Sibelius Manual Sound Set Templates' product page.

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