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This is the best copy in the whole world.

Joe Blow

Composer, CitiGroup Orchestra

Herga blerg de sturgy blerg.

Jerm Blerm

Oklahoma City Orchestrurm

Dim Dim, jimmle klim!

Glim Blim

Shtimmle Klim

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Score Realization

Tired of 'Writing for the Samples' and messing up your score's balance? Ever wanted to know what your Sibelius score would sound like in real life? I provide high-quality digital mock-ups of Sibelius scores specifcally designed to mimic a real-life orchestra. Find out if your score has balance or spacing problems - or get a high-end digital mock-up of a polished score to share with your friends!

Playback Templates

Want to pair up your industry-leading Sibelius notation software with famous sample libraries? I've got some templates that might help get you started.

Conducting & Musical Direction

Need a guest conductor for your orchestra, band, or ensemble? Let's book an appointment. Now serving groups across the GTA.

Commissions & New Works

I can write the theme tune, sing the theme tune, I have so many ideas.

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