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Score Realization

(This service is not being offered presently, but stay tuned!)

Bring Your Sibelius Scores to Life!

Who says you need a DAW and expensive samplers just to get a quality digital mock-up? Especially when guys like me have already done all the figuring-out for you! If you submit an orchestral score in .Sib format, I will generate a high-quality digital mock-up.

Excellent for checking the orchestral balance in your music - and for previewing and showing off your work, of course!

Submit your score for an appraisal and estimate, and I'll throw in a sample of the first few measures.

Pricing is based on the following:

Baseline processing fee - $53

Per Page - $13.25

Special Playing Techniques - $17

Additional Drafts - $50 each

Stems - $20 each

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