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12 Dec 2017

In today's video, I explain how to use a Virtual MIDI Cable to connect Sibelius 7 notation software to a DAW, in order to expand on my Playback Enhancement Template ("PET") Orchestra and improve the quality of my playback in Sibelius.

2 Dec 2017

Have you ever looked at your favourite scores just to see what aesthetic changes you can make to your own compositions to make them look nicer?  I mean, the way you’ve written your piece is perfectly acceptable, but you’d like to make your score look a little less... c...

7 Jun 2013

Users of the popular EWQLSO Gold (PLAY Edition) can now use EWQLSO Gold with Elliot Wright's EWQLSO / Sibelius Manual Sound Set Templates.

Composer and Gold user Brian LaGuardia ( ) has produced a set of Gold-compatible multis whi...

10 Mar 2013

Hello again everyone!  Good news - I'm still alive, and working.

Today, I'm happy to announce that a conversion guide for EWQLSO Gold users is now available to help Gold users to load and use their library's sounds when working with my EWQLSO-Sibelius Manual Sound Set T...

13 Jan 2013

In autumn 2008, I was presented with a problem which I’m sure you’ve come across yourself: I encountered a situation in which I needed to create a “realistic” audio mock-up of some of my existing scores, but found Sibelius Sounds to be too unrealistic to achieve this....

29 Dec 2012

Happy Holidays, everyone!  Looks like the world didn't end on December 21st (thank goodness, because I had tickets to the ballet that night, and I would've been out by about a hundred bucks if there'd been a volcanic eruption during the Entr'Acte).

But guess what?  I ha...

5 Nov 2012

Happy November, folks!  As of fairly recently, my March Book, "12 Pieces for Cadet Band" has gone live on Lulu Press, and is available for a 15% discount until the end of November!

For those of you who follow me more closely, the book (originally under the working...

2 Oct 2012

I love it when a feature in a program allows me to solve a problem it wasn't necessarily intended to solve.  This happens a lot for me working with Sibelius 7, as its features have at this point in the program's life, become so comprehensive that nearly anything concei...

12 Jun 2012

Today I released The 2012 March Book Project in its entirety (score and parts), marking the end of this fun, engaging project I've been working on since April.  I've published videos of the scores and basic piano mixdowns here and here.  The distribution...

1 Jul 2009

Written for the cadets of 800 "Black Forest" Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets in 2008 and adopted as the unofficial march past of the Trenton Cadet Training Centre in summer 2010.

Simplified version for mixed brass & reed ensemble arranged in 2012.

Concert version ava...

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How to Connect Sibelius 7 to your DAW using Virtual MIDI Cables

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